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12.21.18 …Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree …

Christmas Tradition #14: Christmas Tree, Getting the Tree, Decorating the Tree, Dual Angel Topper, Favorite Ornaments, Coca-Cola Christmas Polar Bear, Trobich Icicles and Poem, Joy Ornament:

This is one tradition that my husband actually has an opinion. He was a cedar tree guy. Do you know how hard it is to find a cedar tree? Soon after we married, but before children, we began the trek for a cedar tree. I did not have an opinion on the type of tree. My family usually went to the farmer’s market in Atlanta and picked out a tree. I have no idea what type of tree was typically bought. But my husband wanted a cedar. So we found Penland Farms in SC near Lake Wylie, and we usually made the trip there about 2 weeks before Christmas.

And it, the getting the tree, became an event, an annual adventure with kids and dogs, etc. The last few years, with no kids and old dogs we have nixed the tradition, but I feel quite certain it will resurrect itself when there is some new focus … new house , new generation … but for now it is a memory.

But the 2018 tree is here. I purchased it from Pike’s on a Monday. It is the scrawniest tree ever, barely 6 feet. We usually get a 8-9 foot tree. Did you know that there is a lack of tall trees because the tree farms cut back on planting during the Great Recession 8-10 years ago. Our tree is a real Charlie Brown Tree, crooked, short with a definite better side.

Today my oldest son helped me decorate the tree. After the getting of the tree, the next big question is lights. Multicolored or white? Twinkling or not? Since I’m driving this tree, I picked white lights, not twinkling.

And then the ornaments … We have way to many, but the ones that matter are the “special” ones, and those focus on the hand blown ones, and there are favorites among the handblown ones —- the Chicago landmark ones, the religious ones, the glass icicles, and yes, wait for it, the Coca-Cola ones. My kids used to fight over who put the Coca-Cola Polar Bear on the tree. And one of my favorites is the set of crystal icicles that the Trobich Family gave us years ago. They are kept in a felt bag with the poem that Joni wrote. I get the poem out of the red felt bag and read it every year.

Next is the topper. Angel or star? We are an angel topper family. Oddly, I have combined my mom’s angel with one I bought when we were newly married. It’s a messy tree topper.

Bu my favorite is the last ornament to go on … it’s a beautiful colorful beaded ornament. It’s the JOY ornament. It’s always the last to go on.

Wishing you JOY!


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