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‎7.26.2010 …. cancel and reschedule …

places, Pineview, Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project:  Love this question!  My grandparent home is Pineview GA … what a great place.

A few days ago, over on the Facebook Page, I asked the question, “What childhood places were most important to you?” I answered, “For me, the Plaza library in Kansas City. It has been renovated, and while it’s gorgeous and new, I wish I could still visit the library the way it was.”

More than a hundred people posted a response to this question, and I was struck by how frequently people mentioned a happy memory connected to a place associated with their grandparents.

Some themes:

— the contrast between their usual home and their grandparents’ home – spending time on a farm, say, or visiting a very different city

— being in the kitchen of their grandparents’ house

— special activities they did when they visited their grandparents, like sewing or fishing

via The Happiness Project: Do You Have Happy Memories of a Place Associated with Your Grandparents?.

BP oil spill: As we said during the cold war …  Tony just got shipped to Siberia.

Tony Hayward, who became the face of BP’s flailing efforts to contain the massive Gulf oil spill, will step down as chief executive in October and be offered a job with the company’s joint venture in Russia, a person familiar with the matter said Monday.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement had not been made by the British company’s board, which was meeting Monday in London to decide Hayward’s fate. The decision is the board’s to make, and it was unclear if it had formally done so.

It’s not yet clear what Hayward’s role will be with TNK-BP. He left the board meeting Monday without speaking to reporters, climbing into a silver Lexus that sped off.

via Report: BP’s Tony Hayward to leave as CEO; offered job in Russia –

movies, followup:

Last night I watched  Funny Face .  I had never seen it before  and had seen it on a list of movies with great dance scenes.  Funny Face starred Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. The third lead was Kay Thompson. So I asked my facebook friends … Does anyone know what she is most famous for? Eloise! Of all people, my friend Tim answered the question.  I have to admit that I did not know the answer. But her Funny Face character is similar to Meryl Streep’s Devil Wears Prada character. So I looked her up on imdb. Interesting. She only made a few movies, but was very talented.  Look her up … Kay Thompson (I).

Davidson, basketball, Steph Curry:

While watching the 2010 USA Basketball Showcase, it is virtually impossible to not notice the incredible amount of talent on the court. Every single player can play and play quite well.

One player who stands out to me, however, is Golden State’s Stephen Curry.

The Davidson product simply must make the USA squad; it’s vital that he does.

via The Case for Stephen Curry To Make the USA National Team | Bleacher Report.

why:  And why cancel and reschedule … well that is what I did this morning … I always make appointments for my kids in late July before the August vacations … all my kids are out on their own this year … two in Boulder, one in South Africa.

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