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7.14.18 … “Religion, at the mature level, used meditation, contemplation, and silence, recognizing we have to clear away the normal dualistic mind (either/or, black/white) which is not adequate to the mystery.” Source: Richard Rohr: Becoming Stillness – Stillness Speaks, 

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2018 Labyrinth Walks, Wedgewood Church – Charlotte NC:

I needed to vent…so instead I walked.

RELEASE…Crows cawing, crunch, crunch, crunch… traffic

RECEIVE … more crows, add cicadas, more traffic

RETURN … and integrate … still agitated.

Well, I tried.

So here is my quote for today:

“Religion, at the mature level, used meditation, contemplation, and silence, recognizing we have to clear away the normal dualistic mind (either/or, black/white) which is not adequate to the mystery.”

Source: Richard Rohr: Becoming Stillness – Stillness Speaks,

Tony Snow, #itsagreatdaytobeawildcat: Tony Snow was a Davidson grad. At our 25th reunion in 2007, Tony spoke at the all alum event. He was able to come because he was on leave (and at this point, he thought he had beat the cancer and was returning to the White House shortly.) We stayed at the Guest House with our kids, and he did also. He was so engaging and seemed genuinely interested in every one he met.

Dana Perino posted this in connection with the 10th anniversary of Tony”s death. It’s worth your time. Source: Dana Perino: Ten years after Tony Snow died much too young, I remember the important things he taught me | Fox News,

And another book recommendation, but I am not sure who recommended it: Susan Rivers’ “The Second Mrs. Hockaday.”

And anyone seen a great movie? I’m still loving my MoviePass, but am wary of surge pricing. MoviePass isn’t paying more.



3.9.18 … I am Meg …

#MoviePass … and now for Month 3:

3/9 A Wrinkle in Time. For those of you who know me, you know this was a must see for me. Part of me says, meh, but part of me really liked it.

As an adaptation of my favorite childhood book, there are things I thought didn’t make sense. The book seems timeless to me and this adaptation seemed clearly set in 2017. A good example is the “mean girls” emphasis. That was not who gave Meg a hard time in the the opening scenes of the book. It was a boy.

As someone who saw herself as Meg when I first read the book as an 8 year old, I found Meg true to the spirit of Meg. Meg as mixed race child worked, and her parents as a mixed race couple worked. Although not part of Meg in the book and notably not set up as an issue in the movie, these facts subliminally set the stage for the themes of love having no boundaries/love is color blind. (I will note that this is definitely part of the pr spin of the movie.) However, leaving the twin brothers out and having Charles Wallace as adopted left a hole in the family, implied to me that was why Charles Wallace was different, and thus dynamics didn’t quite work.

The “Mrs” characters were forced into Oprah, Reese and Mindy. And I blame the screenwriters and producers and directors. I think they could have worked better and truer to the book. But my guess is if you are not a lover of the book, then that will not be an issue.

My biggest disappointment was that I don’t think they developed the dad or Charles Wallace. I thought it was going right but I think the movie shortchanged them both.

Now I will get my copy and check a few things out. But overall, the message was true. I enjoyed it.. #awrinkleintime #iammegmurray #lovewins

Next up … Red Sparrow, 12 Strong, Phantom Thread, Get Out

Soon … Padmaavat, Christopher Robin, Mary Poppins Returns

Maybe … Samson, Alpha, Ready Player One, Ant Man and Wasp

Probably not .. Alita, Juraissic World, A Quiet Place, Fifty Shades Freed, Annihilation, Isle of Dogs, Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Month 2: 5 movies in 28 days; 14 movies in 2 months.

2/26 Dunkirk … I have never been a war movie fan, but that was impactful. says, “To watch it is to feel beleaguered.” Ditto that.

2/21 Peter Rabbit … The only thing good about the movie was listening to the two elementary age kids behind me laugh hysterically. That made me realize how much I look forward to taking kids, grandkids I’m assuming, to the movies when I’m a wee bit older.

Note: listening to the mom analyze every trailer with her kids beforehand was also quite interesting.

2/19. Black Panther … I’m not a fan of the Marvel movies, but I really liked it. And although I spent the first half angry at all the stereotypes, in the end, the message was what I hope: peace through unity without borders. And thank you to those who told me to stay to the VERY end, and I mean the very end.

2/16 The 15:17 to Paris … interesting backstory. Flashback style gets tiring. However, in the end, because the movie makes me have a truly emotional response, in this case, crying, i conclude it has done it’s job. Having the actual heroes in real life act as themselves in the movie is very interesting. I am still processing that.

2/12 I, Tonya — I, Tonya was interesting. Ultimately, it’s a movie about what is truth. And who gets to tell your story. But there are so many sick, crass and violent people in the film that you realize there is really something horribly wrong with a whole part of society in the US.

Month 1: 9 movies in 30 days

2/8 The Darkest Hour … really enjoyed this film and now I will see it again with a friend and her parents!

2/7 Lady Bird — I loved that I could relate to both the daughter and the mom. Cried some, laughed some. Excellent film!

2/5 Star Wars … just because

2/3 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — still processing …

2/2 The Post — LOVED it!

1/28 The Shape of Water — WEIRD

1/26 Molly’s Game —- loved it

1/10 The Greatest Showman … enjoyed, really liked some of the music

1/9 Pitch Perfect 3 … didn’t walk out


1.8.18… The Darkest Hour … Movie #1

My new MoviePass has arrived and I’m already loving it.

The Darkest Hour was quite good. Remarkable acting, and I learned some things about Churchill that I did not know.

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