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8.16.2010 … yesterday was a long day’s journey into night … today will just be a long day … but boys are safe in boulder!

yesterday, my children, kith/kin, Edward:  Yesterday was a long day’s journey into night  … but Edward and Elliott are safe in Boulder … Nan and I exchanged fb posts all day.  The guys will kill us … but it made the worrying more pleasant because it was shared!

… In case you were worried, they made it … 3:30 am … 18 hours in a 10 foot uHaul box truck… The boys are all right!

… and now not only NOT in Kansas … almost to Denver, almost home ….

‎… boys almost not in Kansas … driving on. … Like I said … A mother never sleeps …

… a mother never sleeps

… waiting for the “boys” to give me  two-hour notice for a hotel … I am assuming they realize there ain’t much in Kansas west of Topeka! … and now since I am by myself for a while I may watch a chick flick …

… As of 5:30 they are in Kansas City, MO. Making good time.

… et and eb moving stuff into a UHaul and then the adventure starts again … … uHaul is going through Missouri now … Let’s try Godspeed again!

‎… and btw, et told me yesterday that he did not want to leave on Friday the 13th …

… Yes, and we are coming up on a mercury retrograde. That’s a time when things just go wonky. Not surprised by all of this a bit. I know it sounds woo woo, but I am a believer in that stuff.
…  I had to look up mercury retrograde … … we are in trouble!
…  Naw….I refuse to think that. I’ve got my jou jou working, girl. They need to hit Boulder before Aug. 20 tho. Also, the thing about Elliott hating us tracking them…He’ll get over it. (in about 20 years). He’ll be thinking nice to be loved!

via Facebook | Dennard Lindsey Teague.

travel, places, Boulder:  Planning my trip to Boulder … Its many things I am not, but I really like it there … and my boys love it there!

It’s been called the smartest city in America, the thinnest city in America, the best place for a runner or an überjock, and the top green and clean city in the United States. You have to wonder: Where is this perfect place? To find it, head about an hour’s drive outside Denver to Boulder, Colorado, a city of 100,000 people and a university town at the foot of the Rockies’ Front Range. “You’ve got 45,000 acres of open space and a hell of a natural park,” says Jim Philips, a naturalist for the city of Boulder, explaining its charms. But that’s not all: “It’s the air and the mountains—it’s everything.”

via 48 Hours in Boulder – National Geographic Traveler.

Davidson, graphics: positive spin on the new logo.

dcadmission: Wildcat logos from 1920 until Friday August 13, 2010: about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

dcadmission: This just in: updated Mr. Cat will wear clothes from now on. about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

dcadmission: New Spirit Marks excite student body, end era of “Graphically Challenged” Wildcat:

via (2) Twitter / Home.

sports, golf, End of an Era: Congratulations, Mr. Kaymer.  I did not know anyone still had the nickname “Bubba.”  (should have guessed it, he went to UGA (one of my alma maters…)) Sorry, Martin and Bubba,  I did not watch.  I found myself thinking … what happened to Tiger … tied for 28th … end of an era?

Young German Martin Kaymer beat Bubba Watson in a playoff at the PGA Championship in the wake of Dustin Johnson’s stunning elimination.

via ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports.

grammar:  I have to look this one up every time.  Affect Versus Effect : Grammar Girl :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™.

business, BofA:

Bank of America Corp. has concluded that its 34% share of BlackRock Inc. isn’t a core asset and is weighing a possible reduction of its holdings in the influential New York asset manager, said people familiar with the situation.

No talks have been held about when or how this might happen, and Bank of America still could decide to keep the 64.7 million common and preferred shares of BlackRock that it owns. But BlackRock executives expect the nation’s largest bank by assets to sell down its stake, said people close to the company. BlackRock, which oversees $3.15 trillion in client assets, has right of first refusal on any sale.

via Bank of America May Pare Its BlackRock Stake –

Great Recession, economics: interesting read if you are into it … Hussman Funds: The Paradox of the Zero Bound.


‎8.2.2010 … end of our trial empty nest is approaching … it was fun :) … but looking forward to two weeks of nest chaos …


The book maintains that it’s a waste of money to spend $250,000 on a bachelor’s degree from top universities such as Harvard and Yale, Reuters reports. Co-authors Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus say the cost of an undergraduate degree has doubled in real dollars in the span of one generation, but the education is not twice as good.”All undergraduate education should be a liberal arts education where you think about the enduring ideas and issues of the human condition,” Hacker told Reuters. “After that, go on to law school or study dentistry—you have plenty of time.”Hacker, who teaches at Queens College in New York, calls undergraduate business classes “just a charade” in which “19-year-olds play as if they are chief executives of General Electric.” He also targets as unnecessary vocational classes in ornamental horticulture, poultry science and ceramic engineering.Reuters summarizes some of the book’s undergrad recommendations, including:• Arizona State University, for its vibrancy.• Kentucky’s Berea College, for its free tuition and 10-1 student-faculty ratio.• Notre Dame, for promoting concern for the common good .• Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for its good treatment of part-time teaching staff.The book is Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money And Failing Our Kids—And What We Can Do About It.

via Higher Ed Book Author: Get a Liberal Arts Education, Consider Law School – ABA Journal.

snippets from ZA Molly: Last weekend she went to the races.  I think she had a blast.  As she said, “I think it is like the Kentucky Derby of Africa”.   Vodacom Durban July.

RIP, Davidson: Rest in Peace, Mary Booth. I have great memories of you at Hot Springs, NC in the mid 80s. What a delight it was to spend a weekend with you. You lived, loved, laughed and danced.  I will remember you and those weekends forever. Mary Brooks Booth – Obits –

The Press, politics: I am not sure we ever grow up …. fighting over chairs!

“The board … has agreed, by consensus, to move The Associated Press to the front row, center seat in the James S. Brady Briefing Room [Helen’s seat]. The board further agreed to move Fox News to the front row seat previously occupied by AP, and relocate NPR into the second row seat previously held by Fox, next to Bloomberg News. … The board received requests from Bloomberg and NPR in addition to Fox … But the board ultimately was persuaded by Fox’s length of service and commitment to the White House television pool. The board also made a series of adjustments to the larger seating chart, including the addition of a new seat for the foreign press pool. These deliberations mark the third time in four years the board has tackled this issue, and we urge members to view seating room changes as an ongoing process that will be revisited again as our industry evolves. … [T]he board member from NPR [Don Gonyea] abstained from debate.”

AP takes Thomas seat, Fox moves up – Print View.

pets, tv: Poor, Cesar!  Dog Training: Animal Experts Debunk the Alpha-Dog Myth – TIME.

literature,  events:… and how could I forget … belated (July 31) Happy Birthday wishes to Harry Potter!

July 31, 2010 — For the fans of Harry Potter, they probably think the young lad is in her teens. However, according to the books, the fictional character has turned the ripe age of 30 but doesnt look a day over 29. The birthday today has many Potter fans celebrating the opportunity to acknowledge a character they dearly love.

via Happy Birthday Harry Potter: Fictional Character turns 30 today: JK Rowling birthday today too.

my children: … and the answer to the Lucky Charms mystery … not my silly 16-year- old daughter … but the somber 18-year-old son! you never know! And how did he let me know … he sent me a picture … from his phone … I hope he never becomes a burglar … he would probably have pictures on his phone of all his jobs!

Next time I will tell him … “Don’t Steal Me Lucky Charms”

art, poetry, blogs:

A haiku a day
Would it bore you to your death
if I wrote a few?

My friend Andrew has embarked on a noble mission, to write a haiku every day for a year, chronicling the foibles of life in seventeen poignant syllables.

In this age of overwhelming bloviating, his zen-like approach to the news of the day is a quaint, reflective and usually quite humorous way to absorb the culture crashing down upon us.

Like putting prose into twitter, the snippets of wisdom, often twisting at the end, encapsulate ideas into neat packages of words.

Visit his site, HaikuLounge and contribute your own take on life. I have found it quite cathartic to distill thoughts into this lovely structure of syllables. An octopus correctly picks the world cup winner and Andrew is inspired:

Now I’ve seen it all:

A psychic cephalopod

Picks World Cup winners

via A Haiku a Day by Billy Howard |


‎7.31.2010 … goodbye ATL … hello CLT … home again … Lucky Charms mystery … who and why?

random, (my) children: I admit this is not nearly as serious as the ice cream fiasco, but WHO TOOK ALL THE MARSHMALLOW CHARMS out of the new box of Lucky Charms and left me with the sweetened oat cereal and WHY??

games:  OK, so I  think I would like this game…

The concept is simple: Your opponent reads you the first sentence(s) from a work of great literature—categories include children’s books, mysteries, nonfiction, novels, poetry, Shakespeare’s plays, and short stories—and you name the title and/or author. If you answer correctly, you get a cute little book token…collect eight and you win.

via Bas Bleu – “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” Board Game.

internet, 1984:  Big Brother is watching … The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets –

history, culture, place, sense of place: The Tuttle farm must have a powerful sense of place.  I pray Mr. Tuttle XI does not regret his decision.

Since 1635, the Tuttle farm has been passed from father to son and after years of thought, Will Tuttle has put what’s known as the country’s longest family-run farm on the market.

As the 11th generation Tuttle man to farm this now 134-acre plot of land in New Hampshire, Will Tuttle says he has no regrets. “I’m not a museum curator, I’m a farmer,” Tuttle says.

He’s tall, lean and tanned from head to toe, apart from his red cheeks and white beard. Shaking his head underneath the beating sun, he adds, “I wasn’t the first one. I may be the last one. You can’t live anybody else’s dream, and 57 years is enough.”

via America’s oldest family farm for sale –

movies, culture, quotes:  I must admit I missed all the subtle and not so subtle nuances of this film the first time I saw it as a teenager.

In Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. — Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Dawn of the Modern Woman, writer Sam Wasson shows how Paramount made a Hollywood hit out of a story about a call girl when some magazines deemed it too shocking to serialize.

“If Audrey [Hepburn is] playing a call girl and George Peppard is playing a gigolo, the problem is not a lack of sex; the problem is too much sex — such that they’re so tired by the time they actually do get together that they don’t get together,” Wasson says. “You see that in that scene when [Holly] first climbs into bed with [Paul]. They’re not sleeping together — but they’re two gigolos — because it’s the end of a long day’s work. And George [Axelrod] is clever about suggesting all of this. He can’t come right out and say they’re gigolos, obviously, but the implication is strong. And it’s because of that that the movie has the conflict that it has and the legs that it does.”

Salesman: “Do they still really have prizes in Cracker Jack boxes?”

Paul: “Oh, yes.”

Salesman: “That’s nice to know. It gives one a feeling of solidarity, almost of continuity with the past. That sort of thing.”

via Holly Golightly: Breaking Rules In A Little Black Dress : NPR.

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