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6.4.13 … I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face …

Facebook, I’ve grown accustomed …, Nordstrom:  Facebook is making so many of us miserable … the kids just move on.  But we are oldies are just stuck.  I hate the ads … Nordstrom, how could you do this to your loyal customers!

Damn! Damn! Damn! I’ve grown accustomed to your face (on FB).

Please come back … I’ll take you back. Damn! Damn! Damn!

My Fair Lady – I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face/The Ending – YouTube.


11.10.2011 … Early morning public transportation to Logan … Gotta love the Big Dig …. back home to the Queen City … then led a church group on labyrinth walk at Avondale Pres. in the rain … very good day but ugly weather …

Boston, public transportation, Big Dig, mouse whisperer: Well, I had an 8 am flight so John and I headed to the green line … then red line … the silver line (through the Big Dig), and for something like $1.60 I was at the airport in 40 minutes.  No complaints!  And see the man with the yellow hat … he caught a mouse with his foot  and let him go … everybody watched and smiled …

Charlotte, public art, Queen Charlotte:   back home to the Queen City … Don’t you just love the gorgeous Queen Charlotte welcoming you home!  🙂
labyrinth, Avondale Presbyterian Church, Charlotte:  Led a church group on labyrinth walk at Avondale Pres. in the rain … very good day but ugly weather  …


Boston, retailing, holidays, Nordstrom:  I was in Boston and Lord & Taylor dressed their windows for Christmas “tis the Season” Wednesday night (11/9) and the Salvation Army was out with their kettles already!!  Happy Thanksgiving…

In support of the contrarian among retailers … I think I will make a special effort to shop at Nordstrom … I always like contrarians … So I loved this floating around the net …

Like a contrarian reindeer in Santa’s fleet, Seattle-based department store Nordstrom is bucking the holiday trend to start sales early this year. Setting itself apart from the myriad retailers that have insisted on forcing the public to start thinking about Christmas before letting daylight savings, let alone Halloween, pass, Nordstrom is sticking to the traditional Black Friday date that was once used to kick off the holiday season.

With the economy being what it is, Americans are planning to spend less this year — and with the buyer’s market we’re in, stores are bending over backward to bring in as much business as possible. As such, welcome to Black November.

Holiday sales have already started online and at brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Barnes & Noble. Amazon offered some simple logic for its early-bird behavior, saying, “Black Friday isn’t until the day after Thanksgiving, but since you’re here already, looking for Black Friday deals, we thought we’d get the deals going a little early.”

“We won’t be decking our halls until Nov. 25,” says Nordstrom. “We just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time.” Some holiday merchandise goes on sale early, but it’s largely confined to decor, like Christmas ornaments.

Nordstrom’s self-circumscribed holiday “rhythm,” falling on the far more patient side of the department store aisle, may prove a detriment to its bottom line, especially with shoppers already trending toward discounters this year. According to Accenture’s annual consumer holiday shopping study, 93% percent of consumers are motivated by deals and 73% will make their first stop discount retailers.

via Nordstrom Waits Alone For The Holidays | The Daily Feed |

 Boston Public Library, 9/11 Poster:  This was framed in the lobby of the BPL … 

Original Edition Flag of Honor Poster preview | Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project.

Charlotte, fall leaves, ginkgo trees:  Magnificent!  From Daniel’s post and the reason I took the photos below of the gingko trees … not sure if a daneurism or not …

“One of the more splendid fall displays is the shimmering gold Gingko tree. Gingko is the Japanese word for gold…and also bank. Take note of the Gingko trees display…it’ll be gone before you know it!”

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