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2.16.13 … a walk on the wild side … spring to winter in 45 minutes …

“Solvitur Ambulando”  – It is solved by walking,  2013 Lenten labyrinth walks, Myers Park Baptist Church, snow, thunder snow, Charlotte, early spring, winter, Why We Broke Up, YA literature: 
I’ve waited all day to walk because I wanted to walk in the snow. But Charlotte’s not going to get snow. But if it does overnight, I can walk tomorrow morning. I hate that about the South, that we wait for winter with anticipation. Other people wait for spring …
So finally at about 4 pm, I drove over to Myers  Park Baptist Church.  I was  amazed at how much spring is already here (yet the homes still have giant hearts on the doors to celebrate Valentine’s).  Yards are  just filled with yellow daffodils. There’s a pink tree in  bloom. The Bradford pears are budding. It is just amazing. However, I am waiting for winter.
Image IMG_5712
I’ve been listening to young adult fiction today, specifically a book called Why We Broke Up. I am amazed at the angst which is always a part of young adult fiction. I wonder if at 53 I am filled with the same angst of 15-year-old.  I think about what I would put in a box if I were 15 and broke up … realizing I probably have such stuff still in a box in my house … I would never have had the guts to deliver that box to my ex …
My  walk was brisk. I notice that the lines marking the seams in the concrete are water stained … collecting as it dries. I feel like it’s trying to dry for the snow.

Image   IMG_5729
IMG_5719   IMG_5720 IMG_5734
I think, “hope I get to come back tomorrow and walk on it  snow-covered ”  My other thought is that I now feel very out of sync when I walk this labyrinth and reach the center. I am out of sync because I now know that the number of petals in the center are not true to Chartres. (But the labyrinth  makes up for it by having a stone inlaid in the  center that was quarried from the same quarry that stones of Chartres were quarried.
IMG_5722 IMG_5736
 IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5728
As I left I noticed that someone has stolen the sign that tells everyone that this is a “sacred place.”  I wonder what would make someone steal that sign. I’ve concluded that it may go in someone’s box  of mementos from a relationship. They stole the side of the labyrinth.
As I got in the car, I heat ice …and rain and SNOW!
IMG_5746 IMG_5747
I also see lightning and hear thunder … Thunder Snow …
Within 15 minutes Charlotte is covered in snow ….
Now I really must go back and walk the labyrinth in the morning … early before anyone else.
fyi … I first experienced thundersnow while I lived in Chicago … I have now experienced it 3 times, the same number that mY kids have experienced …

Thundersnow, also known as a winter thunderstorm or a thunder snowstorm, is an extremely rare[1] kind of thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of rain. It typically falls in regions of strong upward motion within the cold sector of an extratropical cyclone. Thermodynamically, it is not different from any other type of thunderstorms but the top of the cumulonimbus is usually quite low. As well as snow, graupel, or more rarely hail also commonly falls.

via Thundersnow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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