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12.1.13 … so many places to go …


Some of her Traveling with Gal Pal Paris Tips are priceless such as:.

– Don’t be high maintenance !

– You must like food and wine and shopping. You cannot nibble or pick at food. You cannot order just salad or the wine volume will make you ill.

– Don’t use words like garçon when referring to waiters.

– Don’t be a rude American – we have enough already handling that for us and don’t want to be associated with them!

– Pack what you want, then take half of it out. The goal is to not check any bags so you can avoid baggage claim in Paris.

– Pack in an expandable suitcase so you have room for souvenirs on the way back.

– You must not sleep late in the morning no matter how late we are out the night before. You can sleep back in the U.S.A. Here in Europe we are never too old or too tired to enjoy Paris 24/7!

via Weekend In Paris – Blogger Shout Out – The Daily Basics.

This Hotel Left Bank St. Germain is my current favorite place to recommend to price conscious travelers who want a charming but reliable, albeit small hotel.

via Hotel Left Bank St. Germain *** |.

South Africa:  Diamond Mines!!

South Africa is known for its diamonds. Next to the Kimberley mine (famous for the process of the same name) the Cullinan may be the most well known.  Why so famous? Well in 1905 they unearthed the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found, at 3,106.75 carats!  If you’ve ever been to London and visited the British Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, you’ve seen one of the stones that were cut from the Cullinan diamond – the 530.4 carat Great Star of Africa, mounted in the head of the royal scepter.

via How to Visit a Diamond Mine – Style Hi Club.

toilets:  This was just funny …

Best Bathrooms in the World: See Photos of the 7 Weirdest Restrooms on EarthSo, It’s World Toilet Day: Here Are 7 Public Bathrooms Nicer Than Our House


11/19/2013 at 06:00 PM EST

via Best Bathrooms in the World: See Photos of the 7 Weirdest Restrooms on Earth :

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