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1.12.13 … all my babies are gone … almost …

Anna Quindlen, “All My Babies are gone now!”, essays:  Great essay: “But the biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough.” Ditto that sentiment, Anna Quindlen.

All My Babies Are Gone Now

By Anna Quindlen, Newsweek Columnist and Author

Every part of raising children is humbling. Believe me, mistakes were made. They have all been enshrined in the “Remember-When-Mom-Did” Hall of Fame. The outbursts, the temper tantrums, the bad language — mine, not theirs. The times the baby fell off the bed. The times I arrived late for preschool pickup. The nightmare sleepover. The horrible summer camp. The day when the youngest came barreling out of the classroom with a 98 on her geography test, and I responded, “What did you get wrong?” (She insisted I include that here.) The time I ordered food at the McDonald’s drive-through speaker and then drove away without picking it up from the

window. (They all insisted I include that.) I did not allow them to watch the Simpsons for the first two seasons. What was I thinking?

But the biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough. This is particularly clear now that the moment is gone, captured only in photographs. There is one picture of the three of them, sitting in the grass on a quilt in the shadow of the swing set on a summer day, ages 6, 4 and 1. And I wish I could remember what we ate, and what we talked about, and how they sounded, and how they looked when they slept that night.

via All My Babies are gone now!-a nice reminder to Mom’s everyware. – SheKnows Message Boards.

The British Library, Shakespeare,  Romeo & Juliet,  audio:

The British Library releases the first-ever audio guide to how Shakespeare should really sound. Sampled here, Romeo & Juliet.

via Explore – The British Library releases the first-ever audio….

South Africa, Big 5:

I saw 4 of the 5 … I guess I need to go back. 🙂

Which of the Big 5 game would you be most excited to see on safari?

via Visit South Africa.

1963, 50, tumult:  I am a child of the 60s, but I was only 3 in ’63 … so I do not know where I was when Kennedy was shot … but still this year shaped my life.

“So much happened in the ’60s that every year is almost its own brand … and ’63 has a rightful place,” said Jeremy Varon, a history professor at New York’s New School and co-editor of the journal “The Sixties.”

The decade’s themes resounded, he says. There was “the revolution in race relations,” the divisive Vietnam war, widespread experimentation with drugs, the sexual revolution, a societal turn toward youth.

“All of this was experienced as a crisis,” Varon said. But he added, the period was “also exuberantly fun.”

Ever since, “youth has defined popular taste,” and a favored demographic for marketers remains the age group 18-to-35.

via 1963 at 50: A year’s tumult echoes still.

gadgets, CES, hapifork:  I want the fork!

Hot products of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show meld peculiarity with innovation


Eat too fast with the Hapifork, and you’ll know it. The $99 device lights up and vibrates when you leave fewer than 10 seconds between bites. The aim is to get users to eat more slowly, which the company says improves digestion and prompts you to eat less. Nutritionists we spoke with like the concept, but say the same effect could be achieved, for free, by eating with your nondominant hand. A Hapifork spokesman says the fork’s benefits include the ability to track progress over time

via 10 quirkiest gadgets of CES – Slide Show – MarketWatch.

Tyler Kalinoski,  Davidson College, Davidson Basketball:  Go Cats!   “Like a navy blue blazer…”  LOL


Like a navy blue blazer, Kalinoski fits into almost any situation.

He can play any of three guard spots for the Wildcats, who resume Southern Conference play Saturday at Furman, and Kalinoski can do so without negatively affecting Davidson’s on-court dynamic.

The perimeter group, including Kalinoski, has allowed McKillop to mix and match lineups, keeping players fresh without sacrificing productivity. The mix of tough early losses and victories over Vanderbilt and West Virginia has helped the Wildcats as they get into the heart of Southern Conference play, Kalinoski said.

via Tyler Kalinoski does it all for Davidson |

YouTube, Samsung, CES 2013. cats: 🙂

Samsung Keynote CES 2013 – CATS – YouTube.

firepits, Fire Pit Art, Made in the South Awards, Garden and Gun:  Loved these!  From Fire Pit Art in Lebanon, TN.

Fire Pit Art – Functional Steel Sculpture.

Fire Pit Art – Functional Steel Sculpture.

via Winner: Made in the South Awards | Garden and Gun.

cheese, Made in the South Awards, Garden and Gun:  … And cheese from Elberton, GA!

Winner: Food Category

Nature’s Harmony Farm

Product: Farmstead Cheese

Made in: Elberton, GA

Est.: 2008

via Third Annual Made in the South Awards | Garden and Gun.

Charlotte, uptown living:  I could do this …

<br /> Childress Klein will start construction on its Mint Street project next week.</p> <p>

The development will feature, studio, one- and two-bedroom units ranging from 650 square feet to 1,250 square feet. Most of the apartments will sit atop six levels of structured parking, but those first six floors will have residential units on the front side of the building, Klein says. The seventh floor will contain the amenity center for the complex, including a saltwater pool and clubhouse.

via Childress Klein starting uptown apartment tower – Charlotte Business Journal.

Katie Couric,  Makeup-Free:  If only I looked this good  “without the spackle” … love Katie!

katie couricKatie Couric went makeup-free for the first time ever on her Friday show.

Couric made the move for an episode of “Katie” that examined the beauty industry and its effects on women.

“I’m not the first to go on television without the spackle … but knowing that a lot of other people have done it doesn’t make it easier,” she said on her show.

via Katie Couric Goes Makeup-Free (PHOTOS).

Tahoe, Basecamp Hotel, Travel + Leisure:  I my next life I want to be adventuresome. 🙂


Basecamp Hotel

Arc’teryx meets Anthropologie at Lake Tahoe’s newest place to stay, Basecamp Hotel (South Lake Tahoe, Calif. $). Just minutes from both the water and the Heavenly Mountain ski resort, it was designed with high-style adventurers in mind. Its 50 chic, sleepaway-camp-inspired rooms (some with bunk beds) substitute lanterns for lamps and survival guides for Gideon Bibles. Nightly group meals encourage hostel-like mingling—as do the outdoor fire pits, where you’ll find guests sharing s’mores and trading stories about the moguls on Heavenly’s famous Gunbarrel run.

via Tahoe Debut: Basecamp Hotel – Carry On | Travel + Leisure.

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