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5.10.18 … I think … I care about … I enjoy … I do not care about … I am interested in … I love …

10 things about me and social media …

1. I think that social media is mundane generally, but I love it when it serves as a catalyst to encourage real connections.

2. I care about you, your significant others, your parents, your siblings, your children and, yes, your pets.

3. I care about your adventures and your passions and love experiencing them vicariously. So post away about your travels, your house, your gardens, your hobbies and your artistic endeavors. I even enjoy your unbelievable yoga positions.

4. I enjoy beautiful pictures of nature and old pictures of just about anything.

5. I do not care about your politics if you intend to force your political views on me. But I do enjoy understanding why you think or believe the way you do. And I will admit a few of you have changed my opinion.

6. I do not care about your religion or lack thereof if you intend to force it on me. But, as with politics, I do enjoy understanding why you think or believe the way you do. And I love it that you have introduced me to new ways of thinking about spiritual and religious matters.

7. I enjoy a good recipe or a picture of a well prepared and presented meal. I do not care what you are drinking or smoking unless it enhances the above meal.

8. I am interested in your opinion on books, movies and plays. I am gaining a greater appreciation of music, poetry and dance because of you.

9. I love political cartoons and a funny video or meme.

10. I enjoy a good quote, especially one that makes me dig deeper.

I was an early adopter of Facebook and have enjoyed reconnecting with you. I’m trying to figure out how to stay connected. I have started unfollowing some of you when I feel social media is harming my relationship with you.

Any suggestions? Other forms of social media that you like and why?


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