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8.12.2010 … it’s a Gray day! … ET packs …

events, kith/kin, Gray: My nephew is heading off to GCSU and I am really excited that the State of Georgia has made the decision to invest in a small public liberal arts college.  All the press goes to UGA.  But really its about the education.  Take a look …

Classes are small at Georgia College. Better yet, 100 percent of them are taught by men and women who love teaching. Some 80 percent have Ph.D.s from top universities.

You can choose from more than 40 majors from the liberal arts to business, from health sciences to education to pre-professional programs.

We combine classroom knowledge with real-world experience. So, learning doesn’t stop after class. In fact, it has just begun at that point. Service learning, study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, and leadership organizations are some of the ways we bring together knowledge and life.

Academically motivated students are encouraged to seek external scholarships, fellowships, and grants to pursue their longer term academic and professional goals. Successful scholarship applications early in one’s college career can be used to leverage future scholarship and other opportunities.

via Academics Overview | Georgia College.

anthropology, blog:  Since Jack is now considering majoring in anthropology, I have decided that I need to understand what it is and what he will be able to do with it.  I enjoyed this student’s blog post.

Anthropology’s enormous scope has its greatest appeal as it also has its greatest setback. How could one subject possibly study humans not only in the present but through the past as well? Anthropology endeavors to and uses a four-field, holistic approach incorporating archaeological, linguistic, biological, and cultural sub-disciplines. The breadth of the anthropology major is incredibly appealing to me as a mostly indecisive individual who finds it troublesome to stay loyal to one subject when university offers an array of painfully fascinating courses.

Anthropology is not just a discipline of study, but it is one of application as well. Watching many films exposing the hardships of human beings locally and globally due to ecological, social, economic, political or various other factors has struck and continues to strike at my empathetic core. Learning of the dismal literacy rates, food insecurity, malnutrition, social, political, and religious subjugation and exploitation of peoples, especially among females, around the world was particularly shocking during my first course in anthropology. Over several semesters of anthropology courses I was moved to tears repeatedly due to the plight of humans in lesser developed countries as well as developed countries. Watching was simply not enough for me and I felt a silent call to action in the classroom a few weeks into my introductory course. But before I could delve into any sort of real world application, I knew I had to obtain a proper education in what I wanted to pursue.

The discipline of anthropology is now and from now on will be a permeating influence in my life and career. Anthropology is no longer a concept bound by classroom walls; it has transferred itself to my daily life and my relationships with family, friends, and strangers. The exact point in which this happened is unclear, but I was made aware of how fused I was with what I have learned from this major and how I wish to apply it most clearly midway through my final spring semester at university. Before this moment of clarity, it was unconsciously active in the way I approach understanding the other as well as the self. Hopefully, my anthropological studies will not end here.

via A Self-Reflexive Review As An Anthropology Major « Jenka Potente’s meandering mind..

movies, art: Jack taught me to like Jackson Pollack’s work.  I have been meaning to watch this movie and ran across Ebert’s review.  Anyone seen it?

Reporter from Life magazine: “How do you know when you’re finished with a painting?” Jackson Pollock: “How do you know when you’re finished making love?” Pollock was a great painter. He was also miserable and made everyone around him miserable a lot of the time. He was an alcoholic and manic-depressive, and he died in a drunken car crash that killed an innocent woman. What Ed Harris, in an Oscar-nominated turn, is able to show in “Pollock” is that when Pollock was painting, he got a reprieve. He was also reasonably happy during those periods when he stopped drinking. Then the black cloud would descend again.

via Pollock :: :: Reviews.

literature, chick lit:  Interesting analysis of the genre.

Let me suggest that Chick Lit is what we used to call the “Beach Book” and that it is its own genre, like mysteries or sci-fi: interesting to a specific audience primarily because of the nature and form of the genre itself. Some good stuff, some bad, no doubt. As in all genre writing, you come across an Ed McBain every now and then. But crossover is not the point, if the targeted reader simply wants a light little fantasy with some kissing scenes and a few pairs of Jimmy Choos.

Still, if Tom Wolfe had written “The Recessionistas,” he would have noted the brands of shoes, the Birkin bags and the personal trainers. And he would have been praised for his attention to detail. That Lebenthal’s book or my book were not intended to be seen as Chick Lit just makes the gulf between books by men and women more personal. At least to me.

But my concern is larger, for the issue is insidious: the way Chick Lit has been used to denigrate a wide swath of novels about contemporary life that happen to be written by women.

via Chick Lit? Women’s Literature? Why Not Just….Literature? | Head Butler.

history, archeology: very interesting…

JERUSALEM (AFP) – A rare gold coin dating back more than two millennia to the year 191 BC has been found at a dig in northern Israel, the antiquities authority said on Wednesday.

“The coin is beautiful and in excellent preservation. It is the heaviest gold coin with the highest contemporary value of any coin ever found in an excavation in Israel,” Dr Donald T. Ariel, head of the authority’s coin department, said in a statement.

The coin weighs almost one ounce (27.71 grams), whereas most ancient gold coins weighed 4.5 grams, he added.

It was minted in Alexandria, Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy V in 191 BC and bears the name of the wife of Ptolemy II, Arsinoe Philadephus (II).

via 2,200-year-old gold coin found in Israel – Yahoo! News.

random: Q: Why does the SyFy channel have wrestling on at 10 pm … or at any time for that matter?

postsecret, blogs:  I love PostSecret (although I get tired of the emphasis on sex), and this is a great blog post by the former mail carrier for Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret.

While casing one of Frank’s post cards one fell out of my hands and landed upside down on the floor. I gasped when I read in huge bold letters I LIKE TO HAVE SEX WITH STRANGERS. You can imagine my shock. That’s all it said. It had bright coloring underneath the letters. I’ll never forget it. I immediately ran around showing my close friends what I had found in the mail. One guy was so shocked he said, “Did a girl write it?” I was like, “how the heck do I know, who cares?” I looked on the address side of the card and read the preprinted instructions next to Frank’s address. It invited you to participate in a group art project by writing a secret (that no one else knows) on the other side of the card and mailing it anonymously to the printed address. I don’t have to tell you that I pulled the few postcards that were in his address slot that day and began reading them immediately! From that day forward, me, (and a few friends at work who I had showed the postcard to) began reading all the cards daily. I still didn’t really know what was going on, but was intrigued.

via fromUKtoUSwithlove.

to good to be true:  But fun while it lasted.  Really funny is that this great hoax was trumped by the JetBlue real life story …

Resig still has another media announcement planned for 10 a.m. PDT tomorrow. And he is not sad that the meme is essentially dying with this post, “A hoax has two lives, the initial hoax and the story of how it happened. Even though this is a hoax, people want to see a walking/talking Jenny, the people want Jenny.“

via Confirmed: HOPA Dry Erase Girl Is A Hoax, Identity Revealed.

random:  Remember AAA Triptiks … I just ordered them for et and his travel buddy … plus maps from AAA. GPSs are great, but I still like to hold a map!

politics, Georgia, Palin:  Georgia’s Republican supporters of Ms. Handel would have preferred Sarah Palin stay in Alaska.

Of the candidates Palin has already endorsed, 15 of them still have upcoming primary elections. And as November draws closer, she’ll be expected to hit the campaign trail again for those mama and papa grizzlies who are still around for the general election. On top of all of this, there is little reason to believe that Palin is close to quitting the endorsement game, as much as some might like her to. Be prepared to see a growing list of Palinites, and with it, most likely a continuing rollercoaster ride of successes and failures.

Take a look back at some of Sarah Palin’s most spectacular flops and vote on the biggest fail.

Despite a last-minute campaign appearance by Sarah Palin, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel conceded her primary battle for Georgia governor to Rep. Nathan Deal Wednesday after a close race.

Deal will meet Democrat Roy Barnes in November.

via Sarah Palin’s Endorsement FAILS Of The 2010 Election Season.

technology, Apps: Game changer?

The founding of the iPhone App Store set off an earthquake in the tech world. Suddenly, the humble cellphone could be just about anything — a game, a store, a musical instrument, a strobe, a pet, a database, a medical tool. A new portable-computing era was born, along with a thriving tech economy.

Last month, Google promised to shift the tech landscape again with Android App Inventor. It’s a software kit that’s supposed to let average people, not just programmers, create their own apps for the growing number of phone models that use Google’s Android software.

“You can build just about any app you can imagine with App Inventor,” says Google in its announcement. “You do not need to be a developer. App Inventor requires NO programming knowledge. This is because instead of writing code, you visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app’s behavior.”

Do-it-yourself software? You just drag building blocks around? That would change everything. No wonder this tech-news item made headlines even in general-interest newspapers like this one.

If App Inventor delivers, it would give wings to thousands of people with great ideas but no coding chops.

via State of the Art – Call It ‘Creating Apps for Dummies’ –

Great Recession, politics, quotes:  “JetBlue election” = “Everyone’s hurling invective and they’re all taking the emergency exit.”

Underpinning the gloom: Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the economy has yet to hit bottom, a sharply higher percentage than the 53% who felt that way in January.

Mr. Hart said the 2010 contest is being pulled by the sentiment associated with the JetBlue flight attendant who fled his plane via the emergency chute after an altercation with a passenger. Calling it the “JetBlue election,” Mr. Hart said: “Everyone’s hurling invective and they’re all taking the emergency exit.”

“The Republicans don’t have a message as to why people should vote for them, but it’s pretty clear why you shouldn’t vote for the Democrats,” said poll respondent Tim Krsak, 33, a lawyer from Indianapolis and independent who has been unemployed since January. “So by default, you have to vote for the other guy.”

via Picture Darkens for Americans, Poll Finds –

business, management:

Tom says that if you’re really interested in engaging your workforce, you’ll use four simple words.

………………………………………..What do you think?

tompeters! management consulting leadership training development project management.

random, NC:  Back to SHCOOL!

Photo: N.C. road crew misspells SCHOOL –

college: We have a lot of shopping to do!

From Twin XL Sheets, to the Best Computers, What a College-Bound Teen Should Bring

via Your College Dorm Room Shopping List.

movies, Children’s/YA lit, events, google doodles:  I cannot think of this movie without thinking of my Dad.  He always cried when he watched it!

Happy Anniversary, The Wizard of Oz!

Today’s Google doodle celebrates The Wizard of Oz, which had its first premiere screening 71 years ago today.

Google’s scene depicts the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, Dorothy and the Tin Man heading down the yellow brick road to Emerald City. The word “Google” is written into the landscape. The artwork is similar to a scene depicted below.

via Happy Anniversary, The Wizard of Oz! – TIME NewsFeed.

politics, Georgia:  Well said, brother, well said.

A Time to Heal — and to Unite!

Dear Fellow Republicans and Friends:

As a long time friend of Karen Handel, I congratulate Congressman Nathan Deal on his hard fought campaign in the runoff. If the automatic recount confirms his victory, he will be my Republican Party’s nominee for Governor. So be it. It will be a hard pill for some to swallow after such a difficult campaign, but we must unite behind our nominee for Governor– and the rest our ticket — in order to prepare for the upcoming fall battle.

The people are counting on us to move Georgia forward along the sure path of sound fiscal policy and personal responsibility. To do that, we simply cannot allow the Democratic Party to turn the clock back to the failed policies of the Roy Barnes’ regime, or to allow his Democratic allies in the Georgia General Assembly to place the future of this great state in peril.

Let’s take a moment and look at the facts.


via Facebook | Edward Lindsey.

Fall, Back to School, quotes:  I  love buying school supplies … and so I have always loved this movie quote.

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, … this not knowing has its charms.”

Anyone know who said it? What movie?

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