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10.21.15 … And it was true, as I walked I felt the joy of the children …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Labyrinth Walks, St.John’s Cathedral (Episcopal), Denver CO:
In search of a labyrinth …
I planned to  walk to it as it was  a little over a mile, but when I stepped out the door it was pouring. So I opted for Uber.
This was supposed to be an easy labyrinth to walk. It was in a park across the street from the Episcopal Cathedral and I assumed it would be a standard Chartres labyrinth.
When I arrived it was still pouring. I walked over to the gate of Dominick Park, and it was padlocked. I walked all around to see if there was entrance that was open, but there was  none. I walked back across the street the Cathedral and there was a homeless man laying under the shallow entranceway.
 I followed the signs around to the entrance to the offices of the Cathedral and entered and asked if it was possible that a custodian open the gates to the park. The receptionist  responded that the park was only open on Sundays because they had a problem with vandals using the park for the wrong purposes. (I immediately thought of the homeless man on their front door step and of the Homeless Jesus sculpture at St. Alban’s in Davidson.) The receptionist after talking with me for a minute said she would go and find the sexton. I was following her when she turned and said, “But you know we have another labyrinth.”
She got very excited. This labyrinth with built several summers ago with pavers made by children in their summer program, half came from the parish and half came on scholarship from the inner city.
I immediately responded that I would walk that labyrinth because I knew the other one and had walked several just like it in the past week.
As we walked, for some reason I mentioned that I was from NC and had gone to Davidson. She responded that they had a priest who had gone to Davidson.  I gave her my card to give to the Davidson grad.
So we walk out to the side lawn and there buried in the grass are the pavers which form the boundaries of the labyrinth. The pavers have stones and handprints and other things that each child imbedded in their special paver.  (Erika Funk and Katherine Kerr another idea for the lawn at FPC.)
I told the receptionist that this was a much better labyrinth for my purposes. You feel the love of the community when you walk such a labyrinth.
And it was true, as I walked I felt the joy of the children.
IMG_4295 IMG_4294
IMG_4290 IMG_4292 IMG_4293
And this experience reminded me of a recent quote I read:

“‘When Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven belonged to the children, he was referring to agape in the form of enthusiasm. Children were attracted to him, not because they understood his miracles, his wisdom, or his Pharisees and apostles. They went to him in joy, moved by enthusiasm…

Source: The Pilgrimage (1987) by Paulo Coelho & the Invisible World | CG FEWSTON

IMG_4298  IMG_4296 IMG_4283 .

And afterwards I got to have a lovely New Orleans style brunch at Lucille’s  on a Wednesday late morning with Jack and his good  college friend Jessie.
All in all I delightful morning in Denver. I’m not gonna let a little rain get me down.
And after I returned I had a nice note from the fellow Davidsonian. It’s a small world.
October 21, 2015

10.20.15 … So although no labyrinth walk, a nice tour of historic churches in downtown Denver.

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Labyrinth Walks, Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church (now Trinity UMC), The Central Presbyterian Church, Denver CO:

In search of a labyrinth …

Trinity United Methodist Church is a block from the Brown Palace Hotel. I can see it when I exit. It has a unique steeple because it covered in the same stone as the exterior of the church.. draws you to the church.

This Church owns a canvas labyrinth but is not currently available and the church administrator said she didn’t even know where it was because the church is under constant construction.

She suggested I go see the sanctuary. I’m glad I did. Just one of the most gorgeous dark sanctuaries that I have ever seen. And the stained glass windows are in shades of brown and red. It just works here. I spent about half hour in the sanctuary looking at all the woodwork, the brass work, the stained glass windows and of course absolutely gorgeous Roosevelt organ. I’ll attach some information to this.

Afterwards I headed to the the Central Presbyterian Church. Its labyrinth is also a canvas one, but is generally only available on Wednesdays midday. An administrator showed me his gorgeous sanctuary and gave me a brief tour of the rest of the public areas and gave me a brief history.

So although no labyrinth walk, a nice tour of historic churches in downtown Denver.

October 20, 2015


10.6.15 … Did you know that Fitz attached to a name means “bastard of”? That makes Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice an even funnier name …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2015 Labyrinth Walks, Sardis Baptist – Charlotte NC, We Walk Together Charlotte:


I love it when my worlds collide. Today on the 18th We Walk Together Charlotte, I introduced some new friends to labyrinths.

But first we had another wonderful inspirational reading from Gail:

 “As we stand here in the parking lot of a Baptist church, let’s think for a moment about one of the things that baptist churches consider very important: baptism, specifically in many cases, baptism by immersion – which means your whole body goes under the water. As we walk together this morning, let’s talk about things we often need to do or learn by immersion. The first example that comes to mind for me is language learning. You have to put yourself in a place and situation where the only language you can use is the target language, the one you are trying to learn. Are there situations in our lives that force us to learn by immersion? For example, intimate relationships or parenting. Perhaps certain jobs. Perhaps an unwanted diagnosis or a natural disaster or some other challenging circumstance. There’s no escape – you just have to jump in and deal with it, as hard as it may be. What are some of the good and not-so-good life lessons you have learned through baptism by immersion?”   

Our walk started/ended at Providence Baptist Church and we walked to Sardis Baptist Church and back (3 miles roundtrip).


A great walk with great people on a beautiful day!!



And I learned something new … Did you know that Fitz attached to a name means “bastard of”? That makes Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice an even funnier name. And I thought it sounded snobby!! (I have a cat named Fitzwilliam Darcy; he came from the animal shelter.)


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