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7.28.17 … Go Dawgs …

Driving Mama Lindsey

So while at the Varsity near Georgia Tech, this big red pickup truck noisily drives through and in the truck’s back window was this decal. I had to look at it for a minute.


7.27.17 … Were your ears burning today?

Driving Mama Lindsey …

Were your ears burning today? I took my mom on a one hour car ride … Lenbrook to I-85 via N. Druid Hills, I-85 South to the the Connector to Williams St., back north on Peachtree to see NAPC construction, then block around and get a glimpse of the Fox, Mary Mac’s and then by All Saints’, next a stop for a quick lunch at the drive in at the Varsity (one slaw dog, one chili dog, onion rings, PC with ice and chocolate shake, all shared). Did I mention it was hot at the V?

Next up, North Avenue by GT and Coca-Cola headquarters to Northside Drive. As we passed the Atlanta Water Works site, we laughed about the vet (Dr. Ambrose) whose office was on or off of Howell Mill near there. Anyone else use him?

We continued down Northside to Peachtree Battle and Habersham. We talked about “everybody.”

We finished up with a quick drive through Brookhaven and my brother just happened to be pulling in.

And now we are safely back at Lenbrook.

And Ingrams (Alice Ingram Hickman, Bob) . … did your parents have their reception at your grandparents’ home on Habersham? Was it winter? Did it snow? Sometimes mom confuses events.

And after the ride my social media friends responded …

Alice:: Yes, they did have their reception on Habersham! February 14th and Mom always talked of the snow, lots of snow!Your Mom is amazing! đź’•

And several of your families also used Dr. Ambrose on Howell Mill!


7.23.17 … the character of my walk is not as planned.

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Davidson College Labyrinth, Hobart Park, Davidson NC:

A tree that shaded the labyrinth has been cut down. This changes the feel of the park.

And because of the extreme heat and many storms, the labyrinth is littered with dead leaves, walnuts, and small limbs.

So the character of my walk is not as planned.

And Ann, I will never forgive you for pointing out the moss cross. I find myself seeking it and never find the perfect one you found on our walk together.




7.13.17 … No I haven’t slipped a notch …

Day 28 Hiking/Day 32 from Katahdin


John called today and he’s headed into Gorham NH and a hiker’s lodge. His shins are pretty bummed up (and his feet need some tlc), but luckily he had no breaks. Here is his description of the fall:

No I haven’t slipped a notch. I slipped in the notch. These three young men pulled me out, cleaned and bandaged my wounds and coached me through the Mahoosuc Notch, the ATs most difficult mile. If that is not trail magic nothing is. Thank you guys.

And from Steady’s Steady Rock, I thank you for taking care of Ol’ Steady …


7.13.17 … evolving, but the same …

Driving Mama Lindsey…

I took my mom on another of our car rides. We went to visit my parents’ first house. My parents lived in four places in Atlanta: an apartment on the corner of Peachtree and Muscogee, an apartment on Collier near Peachtree, which is now parking lot for Piedmont Hospital, this house on Burke Road, and the house on Brighton Road in Brookwood Hills (40 years).

As I drove through the neighborhood, which I never realized is called Peachtree Park, I was amazed at the current prices of houses that have only marginally been renovated, as well as at the prices of complete tear downs and rebuilds, some in excess of $1 million. I asked mom what they paid for their house in the 1950s; she responded $6000.

Some interesting things about the Peachtree Park neighborhood is a new community garden area as well as a walking trail. I love evolving cities!

When my parents lived there, the neighborhood backed up to what for many years was the largest mall in Atlanta, Lenox Square (which opened while they lived there, about 1960). So growing up in Atlanta, we would always cut through and see the house on the way to the mall. When MARTA was built, the residential street connecting the neighborhood to Lenox Square was closed off. And so we very rarely drove through after that. But still, at least once a year during the holidays, we checked out the house and the live Christmas tree that my parents planted in the front yard commemorating my brother’s first Christmas. Sometime in my 30s, that tree came down.

But other than that, the house looks essentially the same.



7.8.18 … A Moment of Awakening … “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.” – Genesis 28:16!

Richard Rohr: Becoming Stillness

In this inspiring talk given at Norwich Cathedral (the home of Julian of Norwich), Fr. Rohr outlines his vision of a non-dual, contemplative Christianity, which disappeared from the west 400 years ago. In his travels and work he sees a great yearning inside and outside of the church for a different and deeper way of knowing God.

“All the great religions, at least at the mature level, recognize that we need a different set of eyes to read, to understand spiritual realities…If we approach spiritual realities with the same Mexican jumping bean mind that we approach our everyday life, we are not going very far or seeing very much.”

According to Fr. Rohr, the way we approach our day-to-day life and our religious beliefs do not allow us to understand, embrace or even recognize the great mystery of God, love, and compassion because we are locked in the grids of our own conditioned minds.

“Religion, at the mature level, used meditation, contemplation, and silence, recognizing we have to clear away the normal dualistic mind (either/or, black/white) which is not adequate to the mystery.”

Source: Richard Rohr: Becoming Stillness – Stillness Speaks,

And here is the lecture: Becoming Stillness – Richard Rohr

The Labyrinth at Alice’s Garden-Milwaukee WC


On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, Mike Strehlow walks the Labyrinth at Alice’s Garden with spiritual caretaker Cheri Johnson. The labyrinth is an oasis in the heart of Milwaukee’s north side offering a calming place for thought and contemplation for anyone who needs it.


Source: Sunday Morning Spotlight: The Labyrinth at Alice’s Garden

Jacob’s Story – Genesis 28:16:

Surely God is in this Place, and I didn’t even know it Jacob laments after waking up after a night of intense struggle. In every moment everywhere and in every aspect of life God is closer than we can ever imagine or contemplate. Even in our darkest hours, in our suffering and pain when all seems hopeless, Christ is upholding us in every aspect of life

When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.” Genesis 28:16


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