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5.31.17 … What joy to walk a labyrinth at my home church!

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte NC:

What joy to walk a labyrinth at my home church!

Thank you, Erika Funk, for making it happen.



5.28.17 … scripture and sacred music …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, First Presbyterian Church- Charlotte NC:

I’m very excited that First Presbyterian Church will have a canvas labyrinth in place for two days next week. Come join this congregation for a walk!

Here is the schedule:

Labyrinth for Final Wednesday Worship

On Wednesday, May 31, the Wednesday Worship season will conclude in Wood Fellowship Hall. This meditative service will include walking a labyrinth and focusing on scripture and sacred music. The service will be at noon, followed by lunch in Wood Fellowship Hall Overflow. The labyrinth will also be available for contemplative walking and quiet medication beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 30. The labyrinth will be in place until 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31.



5.14.17 … enough said …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Morning Star Lutheran Chapel, Mathews NC:

I had a few minutes for a walk with Albert. He actually tried to stay on the path.

Enough said.



5.12.17 …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, UNC – Asheville, Asheville NC:

UNC Asheville was easy to find, but the labyrinth was not. I was afraid I was going to have to turn back, but a couple stopped and asked me if I knew where a certain building was. I told them that I did not, this was my first time on the campus, but asked them if they knew where the labyrinth was. They responded, yes, it’s just around the corner and that they had just walked it. That was a first.

This labyrinth was in the “meditation garden” located on the grassy knoll above Weizenblatt Hall and below Ramsey Library, and on the same wooded knoll was a large artist installation, Frank Holder’s “Tent III” ( steel). The labyrinth itself was a 7- circuit classical and the artist incorporated every tree and rock that existed on the site This gave it a rather whimsical feel.

This was a walk with Albert. This was a labyrinth that Albert could actually walk with me. Sometimes he walked with me in the path and other times he walked in the next path. If he was walking in the path beside me, when I came to a turn, he would be very confused because basically I would walk straight into his nose.

As I walked back to my car, I had time to enjoy the campus and it’s many natural areas and art installations. I especially enjoyed the sculpture called “Finding Home” by Maleah Weir (steel, wire, found clothing). Albert thought he fit right in.



4.11.17 … “The Pink Moon owes its name to pink flowers called wild ground phlox which bloom in springtime.”

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Lenten Labyrinth Walks (Walk 42/40), Holy Week Walks, finger labyrinth while sitting by the light of the moon, Charlotte NC:

I traveled home on Interstate 85 after a week on the road. And so I saved my Tuesday walk for a finger labyrinth walk by the light of the beautiful “PInk Moon.” My suggestion is that you all go out and look up. It’s gorgeous!

What’s a Pink Moon?

Why is the April full moon pink?

Despite its name, the Pink Moon does not actually turn pink in April – in fact the moon never changes its colour.

Just like the Blue Moon, the deceptive name originates in Native American traditions of keeping time based on lunar phases.

The Pink Moon owes its name to pink flowers called wild ground phlox which bloom in springtime.

SOURCE: Pink Moon 2017: Is the April full moon pink? | Science | News |,

Tuesday of Holy Week

The life of faith is one of mystery. Sometimes Jesus speaks in riddles. And important questions go unanswered. Only when something dies does it bear much fruit. To be lifted up means to die on a cross. Love your life and make it a god, you’ll lose it. Accept your death and let go of life, and it is yours in abundance. Who is this Son of Man anyway? And what is he saying?

Despite the riddling language about the life of faith, which sounds like a mystery wrapped in an enigma, some deceptively simple direction is given by Jesus: walk in the light. Now. We don’t know when darkness might be coming or overcoming. So get moving while there is still light.

The labyrinth looks like a maze, a series of tricky turns and passages. In reality there is only one way in and out. It is deceptively simple. As you walk it today, put your mind and heart in touch with the mysteries of life and faith . . . the wonder of birth . . . the inscrutability of death . . . the unexpected twists and turns of your path. Ponder the paradox of accepting death in order to live life to its fullest . . . the way suffering and trouble are sometimes a path to joy and meaning . . . how life is a strange mixture of light and shadow.

Prayer: Lord of mystery, paradox and shadowy light, teach me to walk in your ways and embrace the fullness of life.


And the painting?

The Belated Kid

1854–57 William Morris Hunt (American, 1824–1879)

Hunt began this monumental image of a peasant girl and her rescued kid about 1854, when he was working with the French realist painter Jean-François Millet in Barbizon, a village outside Paris. He finished it after returning home to Newport, Rhode Island, in 1857. It proved so popular when exhibited in the United States that Boston collector Peter Chardon Brooks (who on Hunt’s recommendation also became a great patron of Millet) commissioned a replica.

The painting clearly was inspired by Millet’s pictures of peasant children [17.1484], especially those depicting young girls diligently watching over one or two cows or sheep. In Hunt’s version of the subject, a kid that strayed and was found again is carried home by a pretty barefoot shepherdess. To add to the sentimental mood of the painting, Hunt shows a mother goat following them closely as though to express gratitude for the rescue. While Hunt’s image echoes Millet’s images of rural labor, it is considerably more romantic in its presentation of the innocence and goodness of these hardworking peasant children. The large scale of the figure is tempered by soft contours, delicate colors, and subdued lighting to create an image that is both noble and tender.

Source: The Belated Kid | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,



5.11.17 … a bench that is upheld at one end by a cairn …

Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, First Baptist Church , Asheville NC:

Not what I was expecting… You feel like you’re walking into a sacred space. And not every labyrinth can create such a feeling.

I almost didn’t come to this labyrinth because I assumed it would be a very typical “production” labyrinth. But this one was a perfect despite lots of noise from I240 rush hour traffic right outside the garden’s wall. I actually consider it a blessing.

I’m fascinated with this Baptist Church which is octagonal in shape and has beautiful brick and stonework.

And someone really took the time and effort to make this 2016 labyrinth installation perfect.

I would assume the labyrinth’s stone is local. The designer worked with the stone diligently, with its color, texture, lines… its movement.

I love it that I have a new practice at the center which I just learned this year. It works perfectly well when I am distracted by the beautiful setting of the place.

Today I considered what I believe “sacred” means. Quite a different contemplation from yesterday’s contemplation of “weeds.”

As I walk, I noticed another little special area over in the corner; so of course, I have to go over and look in that little nook before I leave…

And don’t you love the bench that is upheld at one end by a cairn?

And what else did I do on this visit?

Max Patch!

“Max Patch is a bald mountain on the North Carolina-Tennessee Border in Madison County, North Carolina and Cocke County, Tennessee. It is a major landmark along the Tennessee/North Carolina section of the Appalachian Trail, although its summit is located in North Carolina. It is known for its 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains, namely the Bald Mountains in the immediate vicinity, the Unakas to the north, the Great Smokies to the south, and the Great Balsams and Black Mountainsto the southeast. A small parking area is located near the summit with a short loop trail.”

Source: Wikipedia



5.10.17 … still beautiful even though weeds … hodgepodge of things people have left … cartoonish people looking over at me while I walk … hot … covered in kudzu …

Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2017 Labyrinth Walks, Riverwalk Arts District, Asheville NC:

The Riverwalk District is an interesting district. It was the old cotton mill area. And in 1985 it became an artist community; however, the area burned down in 1995, and at one point was declared a Brownfields Cleanup Area.

This labyrinth is modeled after the 11-circuit Chartres labyrinth. It is made of rocks outlining the paths of gravel. It is a seven circuit Chartres.

The walk itself, although the picture of it posted has no weeds, is filled with weeds. So weeds will be my meditation while I walk.

So sometimes my theme is brought to me as this one was. So I ponder … what are weeds in my life and what weeds are still beautiful even though weeds.

At the center is a hodgepodge of things people have left including lots of little glass pebbles, some small pieces of tile, a nice piece of white rock, a small old piece of deep red brick and one lens from a broken pair of glasses. (Where is the other lens?)

This labyrinth backs up to the railroad line, and there is a wall painting on the nearby Cotton Mill Studios of cartoonish people looking over at me while I walk. It’s worthy of a smile.

Did I mention it was hot?

As I drive along the river, I see the old grain tower and a large chimney with no structure covered in kudzu.


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