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Gibbs Gardens:

Gibbs Gardens was a great adventure! Thanks Mary-Stewart, Gary and Anne-Marie for sharing your day with me.


7.25.16 … sounded good …

Day 36 Hiking/Day 44 from Katahdin


John called at noon and he was slack packing … Another 10 miles to go.

He was at Kinsman Mountain (379) in NH, outside of Woodstock NH.

So at the end of the day he should be at 389/1800.

He sounded good …


7.24.16 … Cairns marking the trail in low hanging clouds …

Zero Day – No Hiking/Day 43 from Katahdin


Day off to resupply, recharge and recuperate.

Some trail angels brought dinner … And a dog which if you know John is a great trail magic event.

I love it that friends are following him on Facebook and providing support and encouragement. One friend reposted this pic from Mt. Lafayette with this note:

“Following with great interest ( and envy I must say ) a friend’s north to south trek on the AT. John Baker Teague is posting mobile uploads as he takes on this challenge. Here is a cool shot from the trail over Mt. Lafayette in NH yesterday. Cairns marking the trail in low hanging clouds. Beautiful in a spooky kind of way.”

Zero day so he stays at 373/1816.


7.23.16 … “I’ve made it through the Presidents.”

Day 35 Hiking/Day 42 from Katahdin


Long hike, but John made it to a new hostel, The Hostel, Woodstock NH. He’s at mm 373/1816.

He shared some great pics from the last few days, a few of them i’ll share here.

As John says, “I’ve made it through the Presidents.”


7.22.16 … I’m assuming all is well …

Day 34 Hiking/Day 41 from Katahdin


At 12:30 PM, John was at mile marker 360 and making great strides. Although he sounded winded, his voice was noticeably more cheerful. His goal was to make it to to Garfield Ridge Shelter/Campsite at mile marker 363 and then head into North Stockton and stay at a hostel for a couple of nights, resupply and slack pack for a few days.

Day 33 Hiking/Day 40 from Katahdin


No update … I’m assuming all is well.

Day 32 Hiking/Day 39 from Katahdin


So today John re-summitted Mount Washington, not once, but twice and neither time was on foot. As I mentioned yesterday, because of the rain, he returned to the top of Mt. Washington. He began hiked down to the first lean-to where he made his a big mistake. He took the wrong trail, and he did not realize it for about 5 miles. The lightbulb went off when he saw the cog railway base station. The cog railway base station was not on the AT. So, he reviewed his options, took the cog railway back to the top of Mt. Washington and hiked the 2 miles to the lean-to where he made his error and slept there for the night. So after hiking approximately 10 miles, John only showed a net gain of 2 miles forthright day.


7.22.16 … No pithy quotes for my mom, just the facts …

Driving Mama Lindsey …

On our way to visit Jeanne Reid and her mom Jane in Madison. It’s a beautiful day in Georgia, albeit hot.

Two observations before we arrive:

1. On seeing a tattoo parlor, Mom said that she would like to have a tattoo. I said well what would it say, and she responded, “I would just have my name and emergency info.” No pithy quotes for my mom, just the facts.

2. All states look the same from the interstate.

And then we visited … I loved sharing time and space with Jeanne and her son Alexander.

One final thought from my mom… a good one.

My mother did not technically allow her children to watch shows that portrayed people as idiots. That limited our tv watching to a great extent given it was the 1960s. She especially disliked Gilligan’s Island, Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and Petticoat Junction. Oddly, Hogan’s Heroes was ok. The Germans could be idiots.



7.19.16 … In his words, he had a ‘hell of a time.” … Essentially he had had a long slog in high altitude in high winds in a low cloud with low visibly and rain …

Day 29 Hiking/Day 38 from Katahdin


John called about 2 p.m. He was sitting in the cafeteria atop Mt. Washington (mm 332). Yesterday, he started at mile marker 319 and made it to the top of Mt. Madison (mm 326.9). Fortunately, he arrived dry.

However, by the time he got at the campsite which was about a half-mile from the AT, the rain had begun and he was soaked through. And the campsite was full, so he had to pitch his tent on the side of a hill and get inside. Once in, he took off his wet clothes and put on dry and slept, albeit uncomfortably given the incline of his campsite and the cold.

This morning, he got up, changed into his damp clothes and headed out. When I talked to him at 1 he was atop Mt. Washington. It had been a long, cold, wet slog through rain most of the day. And, yes, he was soaked. In his words, he had a ‘hell of a time.” He was sitting in a cloud in the public cafeteria at the mountain’s top and was hoping that the cloud might move. Essentially he had had a long slog in high altitude in high winds in a low cloud with low visibly and rain. He was hoping the rain would stop and he would hike down the other side of Mt. Washington to a shelter.

Since the rain did not stop, he made the decision to get a ride to the base and go back to his hostel of several nights, White Mountains Inn and Hostel.

I assume he plans to dry out his clothes and get a good night’s sleep in the warm comfort of the hostel.

I’ve had a very pleasant day in the comfort of Chez Teague.

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