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1.3.2011 … Jack had jury duty … changed his vacation plans … then they did not need him … Read on …

rant:  Jack had jury duty … first September 16, moved that … then November 16, moved that … then January, 3; court refused to move … being a college student is not an excuse … so, he changed his vacation plans … then they did not need him. Being a college student in another county or state should be a legitimate excuse!!

chocolate, friends, Atlanta, San Francisco:  You go, Penny Mayer Finnie …

That said, our favorite drink was the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate at Bittersweet Cafe in Oakland. It’s based on the store’s Mocha Mix – a blend of Tcho, Valrhona and Guittard chocolates – and a creamier version of Bittersweet’s top-selling salted caramel candies.

The drink premiered last Valentine’s Day and is still going strong.

“We thought it was going to be a seasonal thing, like our peppermint hot chocolate,” says co-owner Penny Finnie. “But the reception has been so huge, it’s on full time.”

via Where to find hot chocolate in the Bay Area.

Roger Ebert, movies, life:  Thumbs up, Mr. Ebert.

“Everything is fine in my dreams. I talk all I want. Life is normal,” he said. “Sometimes in a dream I will remember that I can’t speak, but then suddenly I can speak again.”

Ebert could surely never have dreamed this storyline for his life when he began at the Chicago Sun-Times back in 1967. His elegant style and wit quickly made his movie reviews must-reads.

And what makes a movie great to Roger Ebert?

“I feel it,” he replied. “It fills me with joy for its greatness. When I experience it, I sometimes even feel a tingle in my spine. Honestly, it’s an almost spiritual feeling.”

via Roger Ebert: Starting Over – CBS Sunday Morning – CBS News.

movies, lists:  Now I have a list of movies to get from the Redbox!

Roger Ebert’s 10 Best Films of 2010:

1. “The Social Network”

2. “The King’s Speech”

3. “Black Swan”

4. “I Am Love”

5. “Winter’s Bone”

6. “Inception”

7. “The Secret in Their Eyes”

8. “The American”

9. “The Kids Are All Right”

10. “The Ghost Writer”

via Roger Ebert: Starting Over – CBS Sunday Morning – CBS News.

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